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Friday, 19 July 2013

Kangaroos in the top paddock

 I took some photos for you this afternoon of the local wildlife.

The one standing up in the middle of the photo has a joey peeking out!

Then I thought I'd liven things up for you by taking some video footage of them. Now it wasn't extra windy but there are some shonky windy noises on the video. Sorry about that. I taped it using my camera, not sure why that happened.

I hope you all enjoyed me blathering on about kangaroos!

Here are the two new skirts I have in the Banana Orange Apple etsy store. One is brown with orange lining, the other is ruby red with maroon duck lining. The brilliant thing about these is that they are reversible, so really you get two skirts for the price of one! I am indebted to Chicken Hill for the pattern (go check out her shop, it's brilliant). I can make these in sizes 2 - 14 though I think they are more suited to the "tween" set than the toddlers.

orange lining from opshop

The front with the yellow teardrop frill

Sneaking a peek at the ducks inside.

  Ducks and brown fabric for the frill from the Op shop

PS: If you are unfamiliar with the phrase "a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock", it is an Australian way to say "a screw loose" or "a few sandwiches short of a picnic". In other words, he's not all that smart!


  1. LOOOOVED this :) I used to love walking to work every morning and walking by the kangaroos . . .miss it. So good to hear your voice again too :)
    The skirts are adorable and the Pickle is a great model!

  2. Sound on my laptop does not work but I loved the video. I have never watched footage of kangaroos that weren't hopping or is jumping the correct terminology? :) Their movements are so graceful when just slowly moving about. Also noticed that they don't like mud puddles and jump to miss them. It's a beautiful area you live in - also reminded me that you are in winter.

    Skirt is darling - I wish my granddaughter would wear one!

    Thanks for sharing - a real treat.

  3. Couldn't watch the video. =( Will have to try at home.

  4. I enjoyed the video. Thanks so much! And loved hearing your voice, too. The last kangaroo to move along with the others had me laughing at the end. It looked like he/she was desperate to catch up with the others. :-) -Cheri

  5. Oh my! I am so enthralled with those kangaroos along your driveway! We don't even get deer coming up that close, although there are some in our yards sometimes. The video is great! I love your skirts too! Very cute!