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Friday, 22 February 2019

Harry Potter Quiltalong Progress

Hi folks, long time no blog!

I found a Harry Potter quiltalong somehow on Facebook and on the spur of the moment decided to join in. I thought I’d make a quilt for my brother who is the biggest HP fan in the Southern Hemisphere

I had to buy a few solids and the background, but I’m mainly using scraps which makes my heart sing. Cutting said scraps into tiny squares is not so much fun, but the quilt designer is only releasing one block per week so at least there are not too many to cut.

Here’s Harry and the gang

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Sassy pocket skirt

I love the sassy pocket skirt pattern from Duck butt designs, and I have made several pairs both with and without shorts attached.
The pattern only has one finished length, but this is great because it uses 1 metre of fabric which I consider to be quite economical, and is cut on the bias making for a lovely flowy skirt.
I like to add pockets, and so far I have found the yoga style cotton Lycra waistband to be very comfy.

I have a blue dragon skirt, made an amazing print from local fabric lady Hey Penny. It’s a fairly thick cotton Lycra so not as flowy as the rest.

A gorgeous watercolour print with fireflies escaping from jar from Cheeky Chops

Light and luscious tropical print (left the shorts for this one as the bamboo stretch fabric is a little thin and I didn’t want to weigh it down )

I think this fabric was from Thread therapy but I can’t quite remember sorry!
My latest one was made  to wear on a cruise ship at Christmas last year,  and I added shorts in case my skirt flipped up in the breeze. I just adore these roses, it is a Euro cotton jersey but it is so soft and the drape is just perfect. The brand is called “Stenzo”and I bought it at Zebra fabrics

I must confess that I haven’t been wearing my sassy pocket skirts quite so much this year as I have lost some weight and the waistbands are now a bit too loose. I have been meaning to replace them with smaller waist bands - I guess that is a good TV job since I will need to sit and unpick all the overlocking!

Monday, 10 September 2018

New shirt for spring - spots and stripes

Spring is in the air and I have whipped up a quick little boat neck top to wear. I am actually practising this pattern in advance of using a very cute alpacas in hats panel - it needs to be a block-y sort of top to avoid cutting bits off the print.
The print is a mystery fabric I received in a grab bag from The Art of Fabric (who seem to have gone out of business sadly). The pattern is a freebie from Maria Denmark and it was a quick and easy sew.

Pattern: Kirsten Kimono Tee 
Designer: Maria Denmark
Fabric: DotStripe black and gold by Shalmiak (Finland)  95% organic cotton 5% spandex 

evening wear for elegant night

I was lucky enough to go on a cruise with my family over Christmas last year, and I got the idea to make myself a glamorous evening dress to wear on elegant night. This is the night when people dress up for dinner - some go all out with formal gowns and others just put on a clean t-shirt, it’s a bit hit and miss on the Carnvival cruise line! Anyway, the wiggle dress pattern was just what I needed and I found some very sparkly stretchy burgundy fabric at the Cardif Collective in Kingston (they’ve since moved to Woden Plaza and stopped selling fabric). This pattern came together ridiculously easily and I was really happy with how it turned out (not sure I have the guts to wear it on land though!)

On the Christmas cruise. 

The summer of skirts

Last summer I made four wrap skirts using Pattern Emporium’s bohemian wrap skirt pattern I love this pattern so much! I wore the skirts on the weekends with a singlet or a lightweight shirt, and then to work with a plain coloured tshirt. It has really good coverage so I never worry about it flying open on playground duty.
I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear them again!

Close ups so you can see the B&W photos of a dude doing handstands outside Euro buildings
Fabric from vinnies and hoarded for years.

This one is rayon - classic black and white

A gorgeous rayon in a print that reminds me of fireworks, from Cardif Collective (no longer selling fabric sorry). That ruffle was time consuming but sooooo worth it.

And finally, a beautiful blue linen i bought at Vinnies and stashed for years. Just waiting for the right pattern to come along, and this was it. I had so little of this I had to piece the pocket, but I made it work.

my outback wife haul

So I heard that Outback Wife, a fabulous range by an Australian designer, would no longer be produced and I freaked out and went and ordered a bit too much. 
Posting some pics here in an effort to be accountable!
First up the beautiful Kristine in green. This is a barkcloth and it’s talking to me about Christmas with its rich red roses and green tones with accents of gold. 
I snapped up a fair bit of this, and have already cut out a miss fox dress from Aus pattern designer 1 Puddle Lane. I love Kristine so much I went to the effort of making a toile of the bodice first!
Beautifully packaged parcel from East Coast Fabrics

 Cut out and ready to sew. That’s the cutting table at TAFE which has seen better days!

Next up I ordered some more Outback wife from Darn Cheap Fabrics, and once more it arrived in pristine condition. The lovely green at the top is a blend of merino and cotton, and I plan to make a dress (just deciding what pattern to use). The green in the middle is already being made up into a Gypsum skirt from Sew Liberated, and the brown one? Well, I don’t often wear brown so I will have to think about that some more. The main think is I bought some before it all disappeared forever!

Here is the fabric at the shop,

it was an agonising decision!

And some inspiration I found from other seamstresses by searching #outbackwife on insta, these are the four fabrics I chose, it is so lovely to be able to see them sewn up. I love instagram for finding sewing ideas!

DIBY club jeans

I considered the sewing of a pair of jeans to be a major challenge, so much so that I avoided it for many years. When it came time to construct a complicated garment for an assessment item at TAFE I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take up the challenge. In the end, the jeans were not that hard to sew, thanks to brilliant instructions in the pattern and some gorgeous fabric.
I bought the pattern and fabric together in a bundle along with the zip, studs and rivets.
Of course, using an industrial sewing machine helped a lot, but I think I can happily make another pair at home just perhaps not the belt loops (they were really tricky due to the many thicknesses of fabric). Be warned - it used a whole stack of top stitching thread, way more than I had accounted for.
I chose the Dauphine skinny jeans pattern from DIBY (do it better yourself) club. The fabric is super duper stretchy.
I am thrilled with how they turn out and I am planning to make a second pair in black just as soon as I can afford the fabric.
PS. sorry about all the close up shots of my bum in this post, but I’m kinda proud of my pockets!!

Pattern:dauphine skinny jeans
Designer: DIBY club
Fabric :medium wash comfort stretch denim from DIBYclub (made in USA and stretches about 30%)