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Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Muppets!

****News just in**** Jacy is having a giveaway over on her blog, and I want to win! So I am letting you know about it in order to get a couple more entries....


We took The Pickle to see the Muppets today. It was wonderful. My brother and sister, husband and brother in law came too, so it was a real family outing. We loved the singing, some of which reminded my sister of "Flight of the Conchords". We loved the dancing. Amy Adam's costumes were just adorable. My sister and I wanted to raid her wardrobe!
I could not do a good job describing her lovely clothes, but this blog has some great descriptions and photos too:

But above all we loved the Muppets. It was the best movie I've seen for ages. It was funny the way the characters made reference to themselves being in a movie, very clever. There were also references to their past movies, which of course, my siblings and I have seen many many times before. These "in jokes" made us laugh and laugh. I'm giving the movie Five out of five stars *****
I asked the Pickle to sum it up in one word and she said "FUN"

As it turns out, my sister was right about Flight of the Conchords doing the music, and she posted this cute clip of Bret singing a duet with Kermit.

So in tribute to The Muppets I made a treasury in their honour. It is worth clicking through the book in the top left corner to see an unexpected metamorphosis in the other listing photos. Here is is for you to enjoy.

'It's time to play the music « It's time to light the lights!' by bananaorangeapple

It's time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight «Guess what we went to see at the movies today...I am still smiling.

The Muppet Show Book

Large Kermit the Frog Muppet...

Muppets on TV // Laser Cut A...

John Denver - The Muppet Sho...

Fozzie Bear, Animal and Kerm...

Vintage 1980 Hallmark Muppet...

SIGMA taste setter KERMIT FR...

Beaker and Bunsen Cufflinks,...

Vintage Set of Three 1980s M...

Muppets Lunch Box - Thermos ...

Kermit the Frong necklace SI...

Vintage Fisher Price Miss Pi...

Muppet Show Statler and Wald...

1981 The Muppets Great Muppe...

Miss Piggy Soft Sculpture Do...

Jim Henson's Imagination...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


  1. Sweet! We enjoyed that movie, as well. We took everyone...kids, aunt, uncle and Grandma's. We all loved it!

  2. The muppets are great - makes me smile.

  3. Love Muppets, I'll have to wait until this comes out on the TV, but I look forward to seeing it. :) Love your treasury!

  4. Muppet's are a classic! Thanks for sharing your muppet love! :D

  5. you tube video was great - i wanna see the movie - maybe my granddaughters will go with me so that i don't look like a blathering idiot.

  6. I like the Muppets. :-) haven't seen the new movie yet.