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Friday, 9 March 2012

Hip Hip Hooray for Canberra Day!

Here's a special Etsy treasury I made today for my home town. I hope you enjoy it, it features many Canberra craftspeople. Of course, the best thing about Canberra day is the long weekend! Under the treasury I have included some of my favourite Canberra photos from the family album, all taken over the last nine years. Please enjoy the tranquil images and you will start to see why I love it here.
City map, CANBERRA, Australi...
Felt Leaf Brooch - Purple an...
Telecom Tower Black Mountain...
Beads and bow necklace
Lake Burley Griffen Tea Towe...
Felt Flower Brooch - Yellow ...
Handkerchief Hanky Hankie An...
Drawing, ATC, ACEO, Art, Ori...
I LOVE CANBERRA, australia 8...
Mini Howling Wolf weathered ...
Handmade Girl's Toddler ...
Blue Painting
Stack of Suitcases Greeting ...
Original short pants - Flow...
PEAR of EARRINGS, Tiny Fruit...
Supermarket checkout bag - S...
The play fortress at Commonwealth Park. I believe this was the last time the Pickle has ever agreed to wear a woolly jumper, but she does still get about in gumboots.
Commonwealth Park in springtime
At the National Botanic Gardens (native plants from all over Australia are grown here)

Commonwealth Park, looking towards the National Library
The view from Mt Ainslie, looking down ANZAC parade towards Parliament House. You can kinda see how Canberra is designed to be like Washington.
Pelicans on Lake Burley Griffin, Parliament House in background
Looking towards National Gallery of Australia
Pelicans on Lake Burley Griffin, with the Black Mt Tower and the National Carillion in background
Balloons at the Canberra Day festival
Commonwealth Park (home of Floriade) in Autumn, looking towards Parliament House
Here's a sportsground on the Northern side of Mt Taylor. It really does dominate the landscape. That's the Pickle in the red outfit, when she was little. She has tights on under her shorts, a style she still loves years later.
A snowgum
The Pickle at the rose gardens at Old Parliament House
Here's my mum and her aunt soaking up the sun outside our Old Parliament House. Game of croquet in background
At the rose garden
Parliament House at night, lit up for Australia Day
Pickle found some stingy bark to play with
Weston Park on a windy day. I think that tree house has gone now (OH&S issues?)

For information on the design and planning of our nation's capital, check out this interesting website: http://www.idealcity.org.au/
The competition to choose the planner for Canberra took place in 1912, 100 years ago.

Lake Tuggeranong


  1. Lovely pictures! I have always wanted to visit Australia and after these pictures,all the more!
    Cute name for your daughter!

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  8. My brother has his Masters in Urban Planning. I'm sure he'd be very fascinated to visit and see a planned city.

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