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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Characters: Blob (wears a blob on tshirt)
Circle (needs a ball, wears a circle on shirt)
Square (needs to look like a nerd, has a square on shirt)
Triangle (needs to carry a triangle, has a triangle on shirt)
Supershape (has a blank shirt)

Blob is standing sad and lonely centre stage.

B: I am a blob. Nobody likes me. I have no friends. Boy I wish I had someone to play with. All the other shapes are good at stuff but I am just a blob

In comes a Circle, bouncing a basketball. Circle seems rather hyperactive. He does a few tricks bouncing around the blob and then notices the blob

C: hey, I’m a circle, I like round things, like this ball, see?!
(emphasises the circle on his shirt and does a few more tricks)
B:wow that’s cool.
C: I was going to go and shoots some hoops, you wanna come?
B: um, really?! Sure!
C: let’s just see if you’ve got what it takes. Can you do this?!
(C Bounces ball under his leg and spins it around on finger. B tries and fails. Ball rolls away and C says scathingly:
C: no sorry mate you  can’t play. See you round like a fruitloop (runs off chasing the ball)
B I really am a Blob. See I told you nobody likes me.
In walks the square with pants held high, glasses, pocket protector etc. He is using a calculator and does not notice the blob until he bumps into him.
S: oh! I did not see you there. I am a square, who are you?
B: I’m just a blob.
S: well, we were thinking of going to Campbelltown Square to do some Square dancing, You wanna come?
B: Um, really!? Sure that would be awesome!
S Let’s just see if you have the moves…
(S shows the Blob how to do a heel and toe polka type dance. The blob stuffs it up and is really unco)
S: Gee, you’re embarrassing. We can’t dance with you! Gotta go (scurries off in a nerdy way looking at the calculator again)
Blob looks miserable
B: I don’t think I will ever have any friends. Nobody likes me.
Enter the triangle. Triangle looks very proud and groovy and holds aloft a triangle. She is so busy looking at the triangle that she does not notice the blob until she almost bumps into her.
T: oh sorry! I did not see you there. I was just admiring my triangle, isn’t it just the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen!?
B: yes, it is very nice
T: say, we are one member short in my triangle trio this afternoon, would you be able to join us?
B: oh really?! That is so cool, I would love to play. Thank you!
T: how about you have a go and see if you’ve got what it takes! Just hold this and ting here  like this (ting)
B takes the triangle but is very frustrated because he holds onto the side and it keeps going thunk instead of ting. T takes triangle away and looks disgusted.
T: sorry buddy you just can’t play the triangle. Don’t give up though, maybe you can play if you keep practising!?
(T wanders off, tinging on her triangle. Poor Blob starts to cry. He is crying so much he does not notice that someone has appeared wearing NO SHAPE on his shirt. The supershape comes  up to the blob. He taps the blob on the shoulder
B:Go away!! (sobs) I’m a loser. You don’t want to come near me
SS: Yes I do, what’s up!?
B: Nobody loves me, I am useless! First the circle said I could play but I was hopeless so he wouldn’t be my friend. Then the square said I could dance with him but I just kept tripping and he said I was embarrassing. Then the triangle said I could join her band but I just couldn’t do it right and she wouldn’t let me. I’m a failure (sobs) I don’t fit in with the circle, the square or the triangle! So just go away and leave me alone.
SS: hey! I will play with you! It doesn’t matter about what shape you are, I want to hang out with you anyway.
(Blob and SS do a happy handshake type thing and go off to play tag or whatever)


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