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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fabulous Fashions

I came across some lovely medium weight cotton at the op shop yesterday. As you can see, it is navy with green triangles interspersed with yellow and red triangles. I love triangles! The fabric is from Charles Parsons and I believe it to be an eighties design. It was from St Vinnies at Queanbeyan, which for my overseas readers is a thrift store that can be found in pretty much any town with over a thousand residents. 
I have used it to make a size 12 - 14 skirt for my shop, but there's enough for a few more so I am offering it as made to measure in sizes XXXsmall - XX large. It's an a-line skirt with a wide waistband, or yoke at the top, with a zip at the side. 
I obtained permission to use the "make it perfect" a+ skirt pattern for handmade garments to sell in my shop.

Here's the fabric ready to be cut up - a more accurate representation of the colour.

The finished product:

On the same op shopping expedition I also purchased a black velvet jacket, a navy cardigan and a brown tweed jacket, which should come in handy for work. I generally wear a skirt and jacket or cardigan to work. I only wear trousers if my tights have laddered or have disappeared into the laundry pile.
I found a knee length denim skirt with buttons up the front, it's more of a summer weight but it could be useful. Worn here with the tweed jacket (which is an odd combination).

I also bought a purple flowery sundress, which I am wearing as a skirt. It has a shirred and smocked bodice which I have folded down to use as the waistband.
My daughter says it looks hideous, I thought it was kinda fun. 

Maybe not with the tweed jacket...but what do you think? Should I send it back? Is it a good buy or a goodbye?

Thanks go to my reluctant twelve year old photographer. I'll provide a link to my skirt listing once it's up in the Banana Orange Apple shop.

Finally, here's what I have to put up with each week when I take my daughter to horse riding lessons. It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it ;)

This horse is named Armani, he sure is good looking


  1. I'm no fashionista, so can't comment on the skirts...but that view is gorgeous! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your thrift store finds Hannah, how fun! Wow, beautiful setting for a horse ride :-)

  3. I think you look lovely in that purple sundress! So pretty and I love those beautiful sunset pics too x

  4. Love the purple sundress! I would have never thought to wear it as a skirt... great idea!

  5. The denim skirt with the tweed jacket is a very professional look. If you were on an interview, you'd get the job.I like the triangle A-line skirt too. Looks good with the cardigan. The sundress, however, is another story. I have to agree with the pickle. No tights. It's a sundress. That means you wear it when it's hot. Wearing either as a skirt or dress makes it versatile. It is summer-wear. Therefore, sandals, maybe a peasant blouse or solid color tank. or as a sundress. Alone or with a little bolero. That's my "fashionista" advice.

  6. I love thrifting but haven't gotten into the clothes yet. I find that used clothes just don't fit me in my normal size! How nice to find fabric to make any size skirt! Too bad you have to endure that scenery and a gorgeous horse!!

  7. The tweed skirt is really nice. The sunset photos are gorgeous!

  8. I wonder if your St. Vinnies is related to our St. Vincent de Paul thrift stores here. You've taught me a new word, laddered, or as we would say a run! I like all of the skirts:) Gorgeous landscape!

  9. Beautiful horse! Love the button up denim skirt, and the skirt you made is really cute!