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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spelling with Flickr

I came across a website called "Spell with Flickr"
You type in a word and it gives you the letters, each a photograph from Flickr.
If you don't like the random letter it throw up, you can click to replace with another photo.
I tried it with Banana Orange Apple, and here's the result

B Word Making & Anagrams letter a MAGPIE coaster letter N letter A Scrabble Green Letter N Spelling Dice Letter a

letter O R letter A n38 Sponge Letter G PAIRS IN PEARS Dotted Letter E

letter A Scrabble Green Letter P PAIRS IN PEARS Outline Letter P John Crane Classic Block Letter L letter E

I could have lots of fun playing with these letters! I am not sure if I like the colour combination though.

This reminded me of one of my favourite websites for introducing practically any topic: Tag Galaxy.

Tag Galaxy pulls Flickr photographs relevant to any topic you type in.
Of course, it only goes by the tags.

But try searching "Romeo and Juliet", Science Fiction, Horror movies - you name it and all the pictures will come up.

I put in U2 as an example for you. Here's the result:

You can see U2 is the main topic, and all the other subtopics float around in orbit, like some kind of spacey mind map. The size of the planet represents the amount of photos available.

Let's go click on "music" and see what comes up.

Oh look! Another planetary mind map! I love this way of representing ideas. How about we click on the blazing sun at the centre.

23072 photos are available. Of course, you can't see all of them at once, the globe displays 234 at a time, and you can rotate the globe, zoom in, click on the interesting ones to go through to Flickr etc.

A photo of a road caught my eye - it was titled "Where the streets have no name" and when I clicked it showed me the original photo on Flickr which had a link to a youtube clip of the band performing at halftime at the first Superbowl after September 11. Here it is if you have seven minutes to spare.

So you can see how it is fun to get sidetracked sometimes!

Caution - not all images uploaded to Flickr are suitable for children, exercise caution please. And there can be mistagging - the program has no way to tell if a photo tagged with U2 is actually the Irish band or just someone's backyard.

Give it a try with a topic you are interested in. You never know what you might discover!
And please let me know what you find...


  1. Fun! I like the words one and the globe is cool too. x

  2. I like the variety of letters. The globe is really cool looking.

  3. What a cool post! Not boring at all! I tried "Jesus Christ" and it was very cool what came up. Not sure how to copy and paste it though! Thanks for sharing this with us! I am going to pin this on Pinterest!

  4. That sounds like very nerdy fun