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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Canetsy Pegasus Fundraiser

Hi folks

This month I am participating in a fundraiser for Pegasus, the local branch of Riding for the Disabled. Basically, they need money to stay open and keep doing what they do so well.
Have a look at their website, there's a great video showing kids having fun.
And here is a clip from the local news (sorry you may only be able to see the news in Australia)

My brother attended Riding for the Disabled when we were growing up in Wagga Wagga. It was so cool for him to experience riding a horse, plus the horses were so patient and easy to talk to, it was like having a new friend! The benefits of horse riding for people with a disability are numerous, but I think the best outcome is an increase in self confidence.

My Canberra Etsy team (fittingly named Canetsy) has organised a treasury. All of the items are for sale, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Pegasus. I have sewn a little butterfly pinny, since I did not have any horsey fabric in the stash. I would happily substitute another dress of the same value from my store if the butterfly one does not suit the buyer's taste.

How can you help?

  •  Spread the word! If you are on Etsy, you can heart the treasury, and comment to help it stay "hot". Here's a link to it Treasury
  •  Buy something. This is like donating except you get something you want, a win win situation
  •  Donate. Instructions on the website above. For Canberrans, the Luton's real estate offices across town are accepting donations
Interesting fact: therapy with horses is called "hippotherapy". Hippo comes from the Greek for horse, and the name hippopotamus actually means "river horse". Mesopotamia means "Land between the rivers". Pretty cool, hey?

'Canetsy Team Charity Treasury - PREVIEW - Welcome to buy!' by KylieFogartyArtist

Handmade Vintage Button Broo...

Emerald Green Scarf - Equest...

Gold and white crystal earri...

Metal Embossing Decorative H...

Baby girl pinny, easter dres...

Blue and silver bell shaped ...

Pastal Petals Series,Poppies...

50th Golden Wedding Annivers...

Pink Shoulder Cross Body Bag...

Waldorf Cloth Doll Clothes C...

Orange Starburst & Navy Apro...

Hanabi Fold Over Pouch - LAR...

Hair pins and ties, plus ma...

Beanie hat women's beani...


Horse Painting, Art, Animal ...

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  1. These programs definitely make a difference. My MIL has volunteered with a program here in Lancaster County, PA.

  2. Thanks for sharing about RDA. Such a worthy cause. I'll check out the treasury...

  3. Lovely treasury! What a nice idea :)

  4. Love the idea of the horse program. My son goes to a camp for the disabled every summer and what a difference it makes in their self-confidence and social skills. Great job Canetsy Team! Great Treasury.....going to check it out!

  5. Great work! It is nice to hear someone's personal experience with Pegasus.

  6. Since our adoption, we've learned how amazing horse riding is for kids who have developmental issues. Thanks for doing this! I'll go check out the treasury!

  7. Wonderful to read about your experience!

  8. This sounds like a great organization. I love the Wagga Wagga!

  9. Thanks so much for blogging this! and thanks so much for being generous to pop your dress into the treasury, they do a phenomenal job and it would be great to be able to help keep the doors open! For anyone who stops by, please say hi if you can so we know you have been to visit! :)