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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Holiday plans

I am just about to begin a two week break from my day job. I have been looking forward to this since the last one LOL. Anyway, I plan to divide my time three ways

1. Gardening - I have roses to plant, silver birches and chinese elms to prune and lots of weeding which I have been putting off. I would also like to ask the neighbours if I can have some of their horse poo to put on my rose bed. Trouble is, I will have to go and collect it myself, unless the poo fairies come.

The claret ash

Chinese elms with a silver birch in the foreground

Shaggy chinese elms

Well, it is not much to look at now, but someday my driveway will be lined with elegant silver birches

2. Sewing -  recently I bought a pile of vintage sheets from the Salvos and I aim to convert them into dresses. My goal is to have one hundred items in my shop, so that means thirty more dresses. I think I am up for the challenge

Here's one I made recently from a sheet which already had embroidery

It's hard to tell, but this cot sheet had green bears playing instruments. Weird. Now a size 5 sunfrock.

3. Mother Daughter time - the Pickle shares my love of op-shopping and has recently developed a penchant for hot chocolate, so I think we will see eye to eye when it come time to choose what to do!
I have also borrowed "Calamity Jane" to watch (I asked Mr D if I could borrow it, and the next day, there it was on my desk with a second DVD and a note that read "If you like 'Calamity Jane', you'll love 'Annie Get Your Gun'", so I guess we'll watch that too!)

Here's a treasury I made recently, in my quest to take over the Australian Etsy front page I have been making at least one treasury each day. I find it quite relaxing to sit down after dinner, choose a theme and collate the items. I do like the colours in this one. And yes, I named it after a U2 album. I am a U2 tragic, it's true.

'Under a blood red sky' by bananaorangeapple

All Australian items

Bow Tie Betty Headband - in ...
Vintage retro mid century cr...
fire, 5 x 7 dance photograph
Felt Balls x 20 - Red - 2cm
Handfelted scarlet red, blac...
Silk japanese kimono fabric ...
4 True Blood - Czech Glass R...
Blood Countess JSK
vintage velvet-inspired jack...
Deep Red Glass, Sterling Sil...
red rose photo 8 x 8, dark r...
Gothic Red Rose Vintage Insp...
5 Red Coral 8mm Beads. Cont...
Beetroot & Vanilla Dark Choc...
Sterling Silver 15mm Heart S...
Blood red dark flower petals...

Finally, here is a lovely rainbow treasury in which I find myself this evening. A lovely customer named Chrissy made this one, she is also an etsy seller and her shop is very bright and colourful. I love rainbows, and it makes me feel very happy that Chrissy chose my brooch for her collection. She is the lucky owner of the gumball tree mentioned in this post. Thanks Chrissy!

'Rainbow Deliciousness' by MyNostalgicFeeling

A frenzy of rainbowy wonder!

There Once Was a Crooked Rai...

Princess Adaeze And The Kite...

Rainbow cake earrings

Igniting The Goddess - A4 P...

Rainbow brooch, Embroidered ...

Rainbow stickers - colorful ...

Wood Toy Set -The Original P...

Jokers Wild Stripes: Hand pa...

Paisley Kid Leather Ankle Bo...

Hope1 ( Oil on canvas)2011

Sticks and Shells Collection...

Gypsy Caravan Exotic Garden...

Coiled Basket - Bright Gypsy...

IMPRESSIONS Original Mixed M...

Crochet Slippers for Women i...

Untitled T (an abstract pain...


  1. Nice treasuries & I hope your holiday break is lots of fun!

  2. Love your dresses and the Treasuries are wonderful! I struggle finding a theme and then finding the items to go with it for my Treasurys! I envy your ease at making them!

  3. I really like your pics, and your treasuries are so nice!

  4. This post is loaded with so many goodies: 2 gorgeous treasuries, your gardens in phase I and photos of you and the pickle. Enjoyed it.

  5. Looks like November in Oregon. Other side of the ocean and in the opposite hemisphere - it stretches me a bit. I love the mysterious fog that comes here in late October/November.

    I especially like your little sundress with the instrument playing bear fabric - it's darling!!

  6. love the treasuries and it's so nice to see mother and daughter get along!

  7. I can't wait to see your finished garden.


  8. Sounds like the PERFECT way to spend you mini vacation!! Gardening . . .can't wait to see what you do next. I love to work in the garden wish I was closer to help. Except for the gathering poo part that is . .hehe! Sewing . . .I have no doubr you will reach your goal. You are determined and your childrens clothes, adorable and one of a kind!!!:) Mother daughter time . . .memories in the making. I'm sure you will enjoy every moment! :)

  9. Sounds like a wonderful time ahead. You are doing so well with your dresses! Blessings Niki x