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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Goodies from the Christian Artists Street Team on Etsy

Good evening everybody!

I would like to showcase some items from the Christian Artists Street Team on etsy. I am still not sure what a street team is...but anyhow, here we go...

Sue R from http://www.etsy.com/shop/SueRunyonDesigns made this gorgeous snowflake necklace. Perfect for winter or those of you in warmer climes who wish winter would be here.

This beautiful baby blue knitted blanket is another item perfect for winter, handmade by SticksNStonesGifts This candle from is bound to make you feel cosy and warm. Handmade soy candle from GoodNeighborsCandle

Beautiful scripture notecards, handmade by Christi of luvncrafts

Jen has made this very clever ring from an old watch and a beautiful blue jewel. Don't worry about measuring your finger, this one is adjustable so it is bound to fit! 

I just love these irises, Sue A has taken a photograph of her friend's artwork. Available at MYSAVIOR

                    Julia makes beautiful cards and here are her newest gift tags with little patterned pears on them. Her shop is called CardsbyJeweleighaB

Here is some very healthy looking soap from FaithSoapsandLove. Don't eat them though, it is not real chocolate even though it looks delicious :(

And finally, from ThoughtfulGemsCraft comes this little sack to pop your soap in, perfect if it keeps getting lost in the bath. 

There are plenty more beautiful handmade items available from the CASTteam, just put "castteam" in the Etsy search bar while you are shopping and you will find goodies from Christian shop owners around the world.


  1. Great choices. Maybe I'll put together a castteam promo blog post too!

  2. Great items from the CAST Team. Thanks for including my necklace in your post :-)

  3. That looks great! Thanks for including my wedding candle. I love the diversity of talents on the team. Of course the friendship and support is simply the best.


  4. These are all beautiful-great gift ideas.
    I don't know what a street team is either!

  5. Love all of the showcased items. Our CAST team is a talented lot!

  6. Thank you so much for this blog post!

    We are such a gifted team!