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Thursday, 26 April 2012

April holiday fun

We've just returned from a holiday at the coast, staying in the far south of New South Wales in the little town of Tathra. I would like to share some highlights and some holiday snaps with you. If you know anything about how to get the photos nice and neat on the page, please let me know. I have given up trying to get them all in a row, they just keep spreading out no matter where I put them!

 First off, we stayed in a town called Mollymook. Hubby was keen to try the pies at this pie shop, and they must have been good since he went and bought three more to takeaway. Just   in time on the day before we left I received a package of frames in the mail from my supplier in, no joke, Framingham USA. So I was able to get my first cross stitched pendant ready for my shop, a lovely red and pink rose.
Note address: the Princes PIEway LOL

We arrived in Tathra and set off to find our holiday house, which we borrowed for the week. It  was absolutely beautiful, having just been renovated. Hubby loved the bifold doors which opened up onto a deck with a sea view. I told him I would rather be enclosed and live a little like a wombat. Oh well. 

Sadly, the weather was not ideal. We had to find other activities as the clouds opened up and the seas were rough and stormy. 

We had several day trips, and pretty much everywhere we went we had coffee and cake, or in the case of the Pickle, caramel slice and a milkshake. I managed to find some interesting items at the local op shops. We went to Merimbula a few times. In the St Vinnies op shop I bought some patterns. We went out for dinner at the sports club and then to the movies. We saw the Lorax in 3D, which we all liked a lot. The Pickle is really fond of his moustache, and here she is giving him a friendly cuddle. I said to hubby as we went in that I felt like I'd already seen this movie since I'd seen the preview, but it turned out there was enough surprises to keep me interested.
 I cross stitched this little brooch and put it up for sale in my shop. It was really nice to have some handwork to do while I was away from my sewing machine. you can see the coloured grid which I graphed out beforehand.

Cheese making machine
There's something not quite right about this cow
We went to Bega to visit the cheese factory. My daughter showed me how to eat a "Stringer" which is a lunch box snack that was not invented when I was a kid. At the Salvos in Bega I bought an 80s cardigan which I wore nearly every day for the rest of the trip.
New pair of flower earrings, $3 from big W. I am a big spender!
I resisted buying any plants since hubby said they wouldn't fit in the car.

A close up of my 80s cardigan - it's acrylic! 
$3 earrings I bought at the Bega BigW. 
Gratuitous food shot: this was roast mushrooms with beetroot and feta. It gave me garlic breath but I didn't mind. MMMMM

The barber shop in Bega is also a shoe store - I wanted to try on a pair of shoes while having my hair done but Hubby said no.

A cool old car
These are my all time favourite earrings, I wear these most days and even to bed. I have decided if I ever lose one that I will commission a jeweler to make another pair straight away. They have outlasted many a pair of $3 earrings! I bought them in Armidale in 1998.

We visited an amusement park in Merimbula named "Magic Mountain". Sadly a tree had fallen on the toboggin run and it was out of action. It was smaller than I thought it would be, and it started to rain, but that did not stop the Pickle from having fun. My favourite ride was the go-karts, but hers was the waterslide. Oddly enough, it went underground through a tunnel. Hubby and I were too chicken to go on it. Well, to tell you the truth, we just did not want to get wet. We stood under an umbrella and cheered her on. 
Hubby and I agreed that this must be where old council playground equipment comes to die - they also had a roundabout that did not go round, and a Huckleberry Hound see-saw. 

Pickle and I got hopelessly addicted to watching The Voice each night. She is on Team Delta, and I am on Team Keith. Luckily I had something useful to do while I watched - I made this little pendant which the Pickle has named "The Gumball Tree". It is made with French knots in all colours of the rainbow.

We had an outing to Bermagui, which is a lovely little harbour town. In an antique store called "Belongings" I found the perfect dressing table for our bedroom, but sadly we could not think of any way to get it back home. We had to leave it there.
I found an amazing, fantastic, awesome antique store called "Strangers in Paradise". I wanted to move in there right away. Well worth a look in if you are ever in the district.
 I bought a pattern from 1955 to make my sister a swing dancing dress. it is this one here if you want to check it out or make your ownvintage pattern for sale I am sure she'll love it!

The harbour at Bermagui
I got a bit bored one evening waiting for The Voice to come on, and commissioned an artwork from my friend Niki - it is my first commission if you don't count my custom etsy banner which is at the top of my blog. It will be kinda like this one, but it is a drawing of one of my puppies, and it is a birthday surprise for the Pickle. Sssh, don't tell her!
I am so excited to be able to see what Niki comes up with. You can look at her beautiful artwork here http://www.etsy.com/shop/VintageNiki
This little guy is Wilbur the guinea pig. Isn't he sweet?

On ANZAC day we went for a bike ride, and The Pickle and her daddy made these sculptural "houses" by the Mogareeka Inlet at Tathra.

Since it was our last day, I thought we'd better take the Pickle for a swim at the beach. The water was too cold for hubby, but the kid was mad keen so I took her in. I was really really cold until I went totally numb, and then I could not feel anything anymore so I was quite happy. My fingers and toes went white. There were a few hardy surfers with full body wetsuits on, but apart from them no-one else was brave enough to enter the surf. Even though it was a public holiday.

We visited the historic Tathra wharf. It is a lovely shade of orangey pink that matches the cliffs nearby.
A strange rainbow that looked kinda like an exclamation mark.
Hubby and I both agreed we'd like to live in this cliff top house.

Looking back at Tathra beach from the headland above the wharf.

Here's my handsome hubby trying to take a photo of me. He is saying "just take a  step back, now  another step..."of course, I am standing on the edge of a cliff. Har-di-har-har. The Pickle is coming to my defence.

For something different on the way home we travelled through the historic town of Bombala. 1500 people who don't mind the cold live in this little town at the top of the mountain. The road to Bombala is windy and very steep. We opened the car windows and looked out at the tree ferns in the rainforest on the way. Did you know that Bombala was almost chosen as the site for our Nation's capital? Bombala is known as "platypus country" and the main reason I wanted to visit was to catch a glimpse of one of these amazing creatures. The platypus and the echidna are the only two animals in the monotreme species. These are mammals that lay eggs. How extraordinary!
I had a snoop around looking for platypuses, but no luck. I would like to walk along beside the river one day.

Some interesting characters at the Bombala swimming pool
the river that runs through the town
A beautiful golden elm tree. I hope to plant one of these at my place.
Hubby warned the Pickle that dancing on the clifftop may result in falling poop.
Perfectly located halfway between Sydney and Melbourne (well almost)

The local cinema

the Bombala post office

The main street is named "Maybe Street" and here's the intersection with "Caveat Street" A horse chestnut stands on the corner, and the Pickle and I have collected some conkers.

An Aussie flag garden outside the RSL. Sorry, it is upside down, but you get the idea.

 At Bombala I visited the local Anglicare Op Shop which has a great selection. I bought some awesome vintage linen to be revamped and recycled into new clothes for the BananaOrangeApple store. I also bought some navy and white striped stretch knit which I hope to turn into a maxi-skirt.

There was a lovely little shop in Maybe Street called LouLous, right up my alley. Kids and ladies clothes, handmade jewellery, beautiful homewares - it had it all.
I resisted the urge to buy any goodies having splurged at the opshop, and here's a link in case you feel like window shopping too. I would have bought the Pickle a skirt, but they didn't quite come in her size. I am happy to see they do mail order.. http://www.loulousbombala.com.au/ or her FB page LouLous

Just to make the trip home even more interesting, I persuaded hubby to stop by the highway at the beautiful McLaughlin river to have another hunt for a platypus. Sadly none were forthcoming, I think they were burrowed away to get out of the wind, but here are some nice photos anyway.
A feral blackberry, these are noxious weeds in Australia
We noticed a camel in this paddock
The river with a farm in the background.
The McLaughlin river
An  apple tree gone feral and bearing plenty of lovely red apples. 

We had a break at Cooma for lunch, and I ran into Vinnies to see what they had on offer. I bought two more sheets - one with Paddington and the other Humphrey B Bear. How cool! The Pickle bought a yellow Woodstock stuffed bird, from Snoopy. 
We wandered around, enjoying the chilly sunshiny air and the busyness of this town.

I have decided that I am more of a mountain person than a beach person, but that won't surprise anyone who knows my background. I was, after all, born in Batlow, and was known when I was a baby as "the Mountain Maid".


  1. Wow I feel like I went on holiday with you all, lovely photos. Sounds like you had a fab time and thank you so much for showcasing my art. Blessings Niki xx

  2. I enjoyed seeing the pictures from your trip -- looked like a fantastic time.
    If you find out how to arrange the pictures on your blog - let me know -- I have been trying to figure that out myself. Niki does such nice artwork. I can't wait to see what she does for you!

  3. I really enjoyed this post. Getting to see your family having fun and hearing your sense of humor. What a blast.
    Niki does such great work. I'm so happy for you that you'll have one of her original pieces.

  4. I enjoyed hearing about and seeing the photos of your adventures. Fun to see you and your family.

  5. I love reading about your trip!

    We call "stringers" string cheese :) So much fun to eat! And I cut them in half lengthwise and roll them in pizza crust (stuffed crust!).

  6. What a fun holiday! Thank you for taking me along Hannah. I too enjoyed all of your pics and descriptions. I may never leave the US so this was a wonderful way for me to see another part of our world :-)

  7. Hannah . . .beautiful photos!! What an adorable town . .and the way you described everything I felt I was along for the ride!:) loving the barbershop/shoe store . . lol oooooh now I miss Australia . . . .someday, maybe I'll get to go back! :) Thanks for sharing:)

  8. Wow looks like you had a wonderful time! Someday I'd love to visit that part of the world myself! :)

  9. Loved reading about all your adventures and how you were able to still do ETSY while away! I love that!

  10. Lovely vacation - enjoyed reading and seeing what you all did and the pictures of your daughter. What is an op store? When you figure out the pictures, tell me too. I hold my breath, look at the html (whoa), and still sometimes my pictures pop up in the oddest places.

  11. Also, your colorful grid brooch is beautiful!!

  12. Thank you very much - I enjoyed my virtual Aussie holiday with you, hubs and the pickle, although just a bit chilly........

  13. Luella, it is the same as a thrift store. It stands for "Opportunity Shop". We say shop instead of store most of the time in Australia.

    Thanks for all the kind comments.

  14. what great pics. looks like you had great family time.

  15. What a wonderful turn of phrase and by the sounds of it what a great holiday. Just proves we don`t always need the sun to have a good time. Just to walk by the sea. Ah, the simple things in life..........just like the cool 2CV.
    I look forward to reading more of your adventures.

  16. Gee, thanks Anonymous! Such a kind comment.