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Thursday, 7 July 2011

book review: Tiny

Tiny by Steve Otton & Jennifer Castles
I bought this book for my daughter, the Pickle, from the scholastic lucky book club catalogue. The Pickle, who is a dog lover, thought the dog on the cover was "so cute", and I liked the fact that it was an Australian book. Turns out you can judge a book by its cover.
The book describes a road trip round Australia from the red heeler's perspective. It is full of amazing photos. Just like a breathtaking "coffee table" book, except telling the story of their trip. I really liked the page where Tiny met some horses, and the one where she swims with the kids.
It is not a smaltzy book, but it does feature a heart-warming doggy romance. The end papers are a clue, with red heeler fur at the front and blue heeler fur at the back. I did enjoy reading this photo-story and I will keep an eye out for more work from this Aussie photographer.
Recommended for kids of all ages, dog people and lovers of outback scenery.

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