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Sunday, 29 May 2011

book review: Truckers

This is the first Terry Pratchett book I have read for a long time. I have been encouraging DH to get into TP as he loves Douglas Adams, and I figure they are kind of similar.
Truckers is a book about nomes. At first I thought it was a garden-variety fantasy story, with tiny creatures eking out a living in the wild. But it turns out to be a science fiction story as well. The nomes find it hard to survive Bear Grylles style, so they take a leap of faith and hitchhike on a lorry. They end up in a department store and are shocked to find it inhabited by various warring clans, such as the habidasheri and del-i-catessan, who don't believe that any life exists outside the store.
Adventures ensue when the nomes discover the store is scheduled for demolition, and they need to find a way to escape. Truckers is a very funny book, featuring a talking computer, a crazy geriatric abbot, battles between nomes and rats and a good dose of girl-power.
This book is the first in a trilogy, and I will definitely be reading the rest. It is suitable for readers 10 and up, although 12 year olds will best appreciate the subtle humour.

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